About SymCollect

The German IT-company SymCollect was founded near Munich in the year 2014. SymCollect is specialized in developing and operating medical software in the area of diagnostics and long-term treatments for chronic illnesses.

Our Motivation

Chronic diseases are associated with many unresolved challenges for patients and doctors. Chronic patients and patients in long-term therapies need extensive care. The relationship between doctor and patient can determine the success or failure of a treatment. SymCollect therefore develops apps that ensure a permanent connection between the chronically ill patients and their doctor.
SymCollect’s mission is to strengthen the care of the chronically ill patients by innovative software solutions thus to enable a better recovery process.

Especially patients who are subject to a high level of emotional and physical pain suffering and whose medication intake varies. The success of the software tool depends on how consistently and sustainable the patient uses the app.

Data protection

Customer protection is important to us, all confidential patient data are kept anonymous. Only the doctor or health care provider which registered the patient into the software tool can match patient and data.

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How does SymCollect works?